I switched over to At Home Hawaii a few months ago and I have no regrets. I should have done it sooner. Greg and Cindy did the market research to make sure that my property rented for its full value and gave me solid examples as to why it should list in that range. They help me to maintain the property as well by working with the renter to make sure that repairs get done in a timely manner and by skilled professionals. They have great communication with me and I really appreciate it. I am so glad I made the switch.  -Roanne A.

I fully trust Cindy and Greg with my two properties, to act in my stead for my best interest when I am off island.  -Cristof C.

Cindy and Greg At Home Hawaii provide great service for home owners who want to rent their property out. They do a full background check on all potential renters including credit check - ensuring that your potential renter is a ' trustworthy' person for your home and has the means to pay their rent! This is a big peace of mind for landlords! On top of that, Cindy and Greg are fabulous integral people to work with. I highly recommend their services. –Soraya A.

Best service you can ask for. I was looking for something special and At Home Hawaii found it for me. -Jason M.

Cindy and Greg with At Home Hawaii are by far the best property managers I have worked with. Before my move to Hawaii I was a homeowner which is obviously very different from being a renter. My experience with Property Managers upon moving to Hawaii left me feeling like I would never again be comfortable in a home until I could once again own my home. This was BEFORE Greg and Cindy.  I now rent a beautiful home that they manage and am quite comfortable living here. They are respectful of me as the tenant, they take my concerns seriously and always get back to me with a solution and answer promptly. Since I have lived here in this home (9 months now) we have had to deal with solar issues, plumbing issues, pool issues, extra long term company issues and each and every time they have been on the ball and responsive. I am so grateful that I get to work with these guys now. Phew!!! Thank you guys for helping me feel at home here in my rented home. -Glenna M.

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